Hello everyone,

This is a poem that I wrote about how I’m feeling right now so it bought I’d share it on here. Its a little different from my usual posts but isnt that what makes it better? I love writing a variety of posts.If you’d like more poems, comment below and I’ll make sure to write more.


Everyday. I see the same thing.

I miss the sunrise,

but mesmerized by the sunset.

Wakeup, eat, work repeat.

It’s like a never ending loop

Like I can’t click pause

My soul.

My mind.

My eyes.

Everyday. I see that tree.

The rooms and hallways oh so familiar,

The faces that I’ve grown to distaste,

All due to being in the same place.


I’m isolated

Begging to be somewhere else but here.

A fresh new start I seek,

but where can I go?

Just a tired soul


So I hope you all liked this week’s post. I’m really happy right now because the sun is setting and it’s nice and hot! Anyway, have a lovely day everybody.

😘The Average Gurl

I n s t a g r a m | T w i t t e r | B l o g l o v i n ‘ | P i n t e r e s t


34 thoughts on “Trapped…

  1. girltalkwithzara says:

    Love this poem!!! So good!! It would mean the world to me if u looked at my blog!!!!U are one of my fav bloggers!!! If u like my blog u can follow me!!!

  2. youmustbehighxo says:

    I love this so much; and i completely relate. You managed to completely capture that dull, trapped feeling that being stuck in a routine you’d love to escape but know you can’t gives you 😦 xx

  3. chasingsakina says:

    I really enjoyed reading your poem 🌸💛✨ I’ve felt that way too on numerous occasions. You wrote it beautifully too, so please do share more in the near future!!! Ps. I loved the photo at the beginning as well! It really set a mood ~

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