A story I’ll never finish 2


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Hello everyone,

Do you remember me starting this series at the start of the year? I don’t mind you don’t. It’s a series on where I share some of my creative writing (with the help of a thesaurus) but only an excerpt because I just can’t make myself write a whole book. Anyway, enjoy!

Enchanted Forest

It’s a blissful morning with birds chirping and the stunning, sublime trees swaying creating a mystical rhythm in the fresh air. From the youthful leaves of a tree from the spring, to the burnt orange leaves, softly swaying onto the lime green grass. Everything was golden when the sun shone over the peaceful forest.

‘Enchanted Horror forest,’ I awoke. I was shook by the spell binding voice that terrified me. The second I opened by fatigued eyes, I was welcomed by the blaring sun that prickled my skin with heat. I was disgusted by the smell of mucky grass and the sight of lifeless leaves everywhere. While I was sinking in the view, I felt intimidated by the overgrown trees.

Anxious of where I am, I turned around feeling helpless. Letting the fanatic environment sink in, I said to myself “This dark forest is masked by beauty that only I can see.” And there I sat. Isolated. Trapped in the forest wondering on what will happen next…

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A story i’ll never finish 1

This was something compulsory I had to write in English to enter a 100 word competition but, as you can see, this is well over 100 words. Nether less, I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day everyone.

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