How to keep achieving your resolutions


Hello everyone,

You might be thinking resolutions? Wasn’t that so 2 months ago? But, we are 3 months into the year and I thought I’d give a little push to those who are still trying to achieve it. Here are my tips!

Remind yourself 

Either use your reminder app or your alarm to remind you. Do it at a time that suits you. My resolution is to not procrastinate and I put the alarm at 4pm because that’s a time I should do my homework. Make sure to repeat it everyday so you don’t forget.

Reward Yourself

Once you’ve achieved your resolution for the day or week, reward yourself by watching your favourite series or read a book that you were excited to read. Reward your self with food as well (that motivates me! Especially chocolate😂)

Tell yourself why your doing it

Usually we forget why were actually setting resolutions for our self’s.  So put a little explanation on why you set your goal near places you tend to go when your neglecting it. E.g I procrasinate by going to my bed and watch YouTube so I stick the note on the wall so I can see it. This really helps.

So I hope this post was helpful! If you stopped meeting your resolutions, this is a great time to get back into swings. Have a lovely day everyone.

😘The Average Gurl

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23 thoughts on “How to keep achieving your resolutions

  1. blogitteen says:

    I am terrible at resolutions but my one at the moment which so far I am still doing is to write a book.
    I hope you will read my book if I do publish it.
    Also check out my blog, It’s

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