January Wrapup 2017


Hello everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to do a monthly overview because its good to reflect back. And the days seem to be whizzing by and its sometimes hard to remember what has happened so why not do a wrap-up?

First off, my year started with playing monopoly with my brother and sisters. I remember we played from 10pm ’till 4am in the morning. Its was intense!

On the 3rd, school started and the first day back was the hardest because everyone was use to sleeping late in the holidays and constantly munching on food. So its was pretty hard to get back to the swings of things even if the holiday in December was only two weeks.


That very weekend on the 7th it was one of my friends birthday and we want rollerskating. It was my first time and I was so bad at it but tried my best! It was so fun but the only down side was that i kept falling over, haha. There was 4 of us who went. We than went McDanolds and we were having a chat and yeah. We also took pictures and looked round the area and went to co-op and we were just messing about.

The next two weeks were just normal were I would eat, go to school, homework, blog, eat and than sleep. Thats the story of my life most of the time, haha. In school, there was a whole day of how to revise and honestly it just was not helpful at all. All they could’ve said was “ask your teacher for extra work to use as revision” instead of wasting a whole day.


Just incase you didn’t know, my name is Najida 🙂

However, the most exciting thing for me was that it snowed! It was physical snow and not instant ice. That definitely made my month because it was a VERY long time since it snowed.

The last week was somewhat stressful because thats when your teachers tell you to revise for upcoming assessments. Their were just so many that I couldn’t write a post for Saturday. But I must say, I have been procrastinating a lot less which means I am still going strong from my new years resolution.

I guess thats it! Not a very eventful month but I will try to do this every month because I want to set a mini goal on reflecting back. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day.

😘The Average Gurl

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17 thoughts on “January Wrapup 2017

  1. chasingsakina says:

    I love the fact you did a wrap up! I’d love to try and do something similar if possible this year! It’s a really cool goal and it’s lovely to look back and reflect on how far you’ve come and be grateful for all the little and big things you’ve been able to do ~

    I enjoyed reading your post, as I always do whenever you update ^-^
    Till next time, take care, wrap up warm and stay hydrated ~

  2. sudershana says:

    It was such a lovely read. The thing I can relate with that outing with friends, we usually find ourselves in the corner of McDonald most probably every other weekend, chat sit and yes,take lots and lots of selfies and yes, however I am in college now and still it felt like the same monthly routine ✌👍

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