10 lies your telling yourself | Collab


Hello everyone,

Today I’m doing a collab with the lovely Laura from Blossom of Hope. This collab has been split into two where I’m doing 10 lies your telling yourself and Laura is doing 10 things you should tell yourself. I really hope you enjoy both the posts.

This is a great way to raise your self confidence and positivity if you can identify the what and what not to tell yourself.

Things you shouldn’t be telling yourself is…

1) You can’t

2) No one likes me

3) Your alone

4) Your not worthy

5) Your uglypost-pics

6) Your not brave

7) Your not good enough

8) You mess everything up

9) Your not perfect

10) Others define you

So I hope you all enjoyed this post! I really enjoyed collaborating with Laura so don’t forget to follow her blog and click here to read her post. Have a lovely evening x

😘The Average Gurl

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25 thoughts on “10 lies your telling yourself | Collab

  1. My Blurred World says:

    It’s so important to post things like this so people know that they’re not alone. So many people think these things and it’s so sad so I think it’s great that you’re reassuring people that they’re not the only ones and that they shouldn’t feel this way. Great post as always lovely. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

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