30 days of Winter posts


Hello everyone,

Winter is round the corner and a lot of people will be doing blogmas. And what better way to start winter by helping my fellow bloggers. There is a mixed variety in here so hopefully there is a post for everyone.



  1. My go to Winter perfume
  2. Festive evening routine
  3. To read list this holiday
  4. Plans for December
  5. Winter skincare routine (or do an updated one if you wrote one last year 🙂



  1. Outfit inspo for this season
  2. Winter OOTD
  3. My holiday scarf collection
  4. Winter fashion haul
  5. Christmas Jumper haul



  1. Christmas Day makeup look
  2. Collection of red lipsticks
  3. Go to winter eyeshadow palettes
  4. Fave winter nail colours
  5. Beauty winter-wishlist



  1. Cheap gift ideas
  2. Gifts for her
  3. Gifts for him
  4. Diy Christmas decor
  5. Diy Christmas ornaments

Reviews on..


  1. Christmas advent calendars
  2. Holiday makeup sets (worth the hype?)
  3. Lush Christmas range
  4. A christmas cookbook
  5. You tubers christmas range



  1. Winter Photography
  2. What I got this christmas
  3. Winter/Christmas Q&A
  4. Christmas wishlist
  5. Pamper day – products I use

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it very helpful. Have a great day everyone xx

😘The Average Gurl

PS: If you have been following me for a year or so, you probably would’ve realised that these images are from old blogposts! Click on them to read them if you haven’t read the 🙂

I n s t a g r a m | T w i t t e r | B l o g l o v i n ‘


26 thoughts on “30 days of Winter posts

  1. thebaeblogger says:

    I’ve been checking out a few different blogs lately, but I have really enjoyed reading yours I am quite new to blogging but I am really starting to enjoy it and reading your blogs has inspired me to write even more xxx

  2. lakiya03 says:

    I have been looking at some of your posts and they really grab my attention.This one caught my attention simply because i do not like being cold and i am going to be posting more blogs everyday because there is nothing more to do then lay around on your phones.I think those items are just perfect to get for some of my family members.I would also like to know if you could shout my blog out @ typicaldaysandwonders.wordpress.com.It would be a good favor for me.
    Thank You

  3. sophiemaie says:

    This was really helpful, I love how you separated the posts into categories. Also I tagged you to do the 20 questions tag if you’d like to do it the questions are on my blog xx

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