#BGTB Juggling school and blogging

Hello everyone,

It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a post for my Beginners Guide To Blogging series! If you didn’t know, I share tips on blogging based on my experience and I made this series for anyone who is a beginner. (But you don’t have to be a beginner because you learn new things all the time when you blog). Anyway, let’s get started with the post.

I do 4 things to help me with school and blogging and honestly, you don’t need a whole plan every week. It  can get pretty stressful and I think school gives us enough stress as it is.

Keep to a minimum

I know we are bubbling with ideas and want to post as much as possible within a week but with school in the way, you need to prioritise school. I’d say post once-twice a week so you have time for revision and homework. It will help you squeeze in some blogging because there isn’t much to do.

Day and Time matters

Posting on a certain Day and Time really keeps you organised. For me its the best because I post every Saturday at 6pm.But why is it helpful? This is because Saturday is my relaxing day and I try to do little to no homework on that day which means I have a lot of free time. Time is important because it fits with what you do. If you didn’t have no time to write a single post during the week, I still have time to write one because my posting schedule is in the evening.

Holidays are your best friend

I don’t know if you realised but I sometimes post up to 5 times in a week. That is rare for me because homework takes up most of my time. But during the holidays I have so much free time that I take advantage of that. If you know that this term/semester is going to be really busy, write your blogposts in chunks (ie. 10 posts during a 1 week holiday). That is 10 weeks worth of blogging if you post once a week. This has really helped me when I have mocks and/or exams.


If you think that you will forget on what order you will be posting your pre-written blogposts schedule them. WordPress has this feature and will upload you post for you when you want it to be up. If your blogging platform doesn’t have that feature than you can write it down on a notebook and manually post it on the day that you want.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and comment below what tip/s will help you in the future. Have a great day x

๐Ÿ˜˜The Average Gurl

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26 thoughts on “#BGTB Juggling school and blogging

  1. dannyj045 says:

    Great pointers I am new to blogging and trying to balance it with law school. Very helpful! I recently started a blog about my law school experience check it out if you have a chance.

  2. Life as Tilly Rose says:

    Great post I’m sure there is lots of people who will benefit from this including me, I need to use my holiday as more wisely!xx

  3. Flor says:

    These posts are so helpful! I have a work schedule that goes from 8 to 12 hours per day so It’s a bit difficult to write but using the Schedule tool everything gets so much easier! Thanks for sharing these tips with us ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS Blogspot also lets you schedule your posts! Just to let you know that too ๐Ÿ™‚


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