600 followers appreciation post (2)

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed reading my 500 followers appreciation post. As I’ve hit 600 followers 2 weeks later, I thought id use the Instagram questions for the 600 post Q&A. So keep reading to see if I answered your question.

You can read part 1 here.

Questions from instagram

@rosetintedpics asked:

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

I was asked the same question on my other post and my about me page x

@thoughtfultash asked:

What has your favourite blogging moment been so far? Who’s blogs are your favourite to read? (I want to read more blogs hehe!) what are your favourite type of blog posts to read?☺️❤️

My favourite blogging moment has to be becoming friends with other amazing bloggers!

I have a whole post for my favourite blogs so you can click here to read it 🙂

My favourite blogposts to read are chatty, fashion related or diy blogposts.

@neve_grace asked:

What made you start your blog?

I have a whole page on that so if you click here you can read it 🙂

@girlyblogger.xx asked:

♡♡ what is your favourite thing about blogging? How did it feel like at the start? How did you improve in blogging? What are your favourite blogs? xx

Click here to read the answer of the first question from part 1.

When I first started blogging I felt so happy and I was just addicted because ive never done anything like this before x

I’d say you improve blogging naturally. I never realised that I improved so much when I was reading my old posts and I just had a happy feeling because I was improving on my posts. I also improved my photography but seeing other advanced and better blogs than mine.

Read a whole post about favourite bloggers here x

@florally.eden asked:

What inspires you to carry on blogging and if you have do you have any tips on dealing with mean comments or people saying things? Xx

The first question was answered here. And I am so grateful to not have received a single hate comment on this blog.

But I did get hate comments on my blog in blogspot when I first started blogging. If they don’t stop commenting mean things block them but if they still do not stop (if they created a new account) report them x

@megxmahoney asked:

What would you spend your spare time on if you didn’t have a blog? Xx

Maybe drawing, reading or watching Youtube videos.But I really don’t know, haha. I probably would’ve found another hobby I think 🙂

Anyone who has commented congratulations on my Instagram, I just want to say a huge thank you! *gives a virtual hug*

Thank you for 600 followers! Thank you for everyone reading and/or liking and commenting on my posts because it means so much. Have a great day everyone x

Read part 1

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27 thoughts on “600 followers appreciation post (2)

  1. sophiemaie says:

    Congratulations!! I love your blog you deserve it so much xx Hey look this is pretty random but I realised that we have the same wordpress theme and I really don’t like the pink dots that are at the top of mine and I noticed you don’t have them, how did you manage to get rid of them? thank you xx

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