5 ways to Stay Positive

Hello everyone,

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. I’m going to give you ways to stay positive! There will be some bad days but these tips should hopefully make unhappy days more bearable. Lets get into the post.

The Correct Mindset

How do you do this? I’ve realised that the best way to be in the right mind-set is by breathing for a good 10 seconds and then try to find the positives in the day. Can’t find any positives? Than do something that makes you happy because it’s never to late in the day to make something right.

Slow Down

Maybe its the way you are handing things. Rushing and worrying will cause a lot of stress and make you feel annoyed about everything. Try slowing things down by writing a list from the most important thing to the least. Writing helps with your overwhelmed mind slow down because you can see everything in front of you.

Happy Thoughts

What do you like doing? Whats your favourite meal? If you always focus on the things you like doing than you will be automatically feeling happy! If you feel like you’re in a bad situation, focus on something good in it and hopefully things will turn round.


Let loose

When you are in the worst mood ever, stretching really helps with letting go of the anxious build up. When your un-positive, your muscles tense up and you feel as though they are holding a huge amount of weight. Yoga is the best for staying calm.

Start off Positive

Feel like today will be hectic? Maybe something will go wrong today? Don’t want to get out of bed?….Wait a moment! Once you wake up, push all those unwanted voices away! Think of something that you look forward to. Or think of a reward for yourself after work/school. When you have thought of something just SMILE. Why? well you will have more patience and more energy because your day was started on a good note.

So I hope this post was helpful to everyone. Make sure to comment below a way you stay happy! Have a great day everyone x

😘The Average Gurl

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30 thoughts on “5 ways to Stay Positive

  1. nadinek12 says:

    I love this post! Everything you said is so true and are things that I have found to work for me. While I do love going to yoga classes, I’ve never tried stretching on my own when I am in a bad mood. Love that suggestion! I will definitely have to come up with an emergency list of yin poses to use for my down days!

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