Midnight Blogging 08/16

Hello everyone,

As you can tell from the title I am blogging 10 minutes before 12am of Friday 5th of August. It is Friday my posting day so I guess it’s ok to be posting this early. I don’t really know. This is gonna be a ramble post because I’m snuggled up in my bed but don’t want to sleep. I have no clue why because I love sleeping😂

I guess I can’t sleep because there is a helicopter right above my estate and it’s really annoying! I’m tired and the noise is not helping. I just wrote “helping” 10 times because it keeps auto correcting to heloping and it’s just being so annoying. As you can’t tell already I’m not in the best mood because I don’t feel like sleeping. Please don’t ask me why because I have no clue myself🙄

Let me be real here, I have no idea why I am posting so late at night! It might make me feel sleepy, hopefully anyway. I probably won’t sleep for a while because I stuffed myself with chocolate and I guess there’s a bit of energy in me. I’ve gone through every social media a hundred times and I’m bored but still can’t sleep! What is wrong with me?

I’m rambling lots so let’s talk about the holidays! I haven’t gone anywhere for the holidays so I’m guessing that’s how it’s gonna be for the rest of the holidays. Oh well, I really need this rest as the school year that just went by tired me. I was wishing for the holidays since term 2 because for a weird reason I was getting sick of school. That’s unusual because I love school. Is anyone looking forward to the next school year? Cause I am definately not!! I know that it’s gonna get harder and more stressful with the new GCSEs and mock exams and revision and next steps for year 11s and trying to get high grades in that year aswell! It’s to much to think about!

Why am I thinking about that when it’s the holidays? I’ve got a month of freedom so I’ll make the most of it by sleeping “if I can even sleep”. This has turned quite negative so let me try to make things a lot more positive. I’m blogging a lot more this month so that’s something to be happy about. Right? If not than… hmm what’s posative? Lily Singhs videos aka iisuperwomanii on YouTube has been making inspirational videos since forever! Also, the cool vlogs by SacconeJolys are so cute! Edwards and Emilia are adorable!! Has that lightened up the mood? I hope so.

I’m wondering. “Where will I be in life after 5 years?”. I just wonder a little. No I’m lieing to you guys… I wonder ALOT about the future. People acting like they have perfect jobs with perfect everything but deep down its hard. I hope I’m in a good place and you just have to go with the flow! But while going with the flow you try your hardest so you have a better outcome in life. When you really think about life, it’s tough! Getting older means going through more challenges whether your ready or not. “Sighs” I just wonder…

I let my mind run free and let my fingers type away as I go from a random subject to another. For some reason this felt very therapeutic that I will want to do again. Just let my mind wonder and see how I fill this page with thoughts. I’m terribly sorry for any mistakes as I’m not going to check. It’s a rambling post and it’s currently 12:13am and really need some sleep. It’s about time the helicopter is gone. I hope I can sleep now.

Im so happy that I chose to make a series of Behind The Blog because I get to include anything about just me! I wish I started this sooner but hey ho. It’s never to late to ramble! I guess this is today’s post! I was planning something else but that can go up the next time I have to post which is on Monday.

If you are still reading than a massive round of applause to you👏🏽!  Comment the word “Chocolate” if you’ve made it to the end! Hope you guys have a great night and day! Bye friends! I never say bye friends😂 But I consider everyone my friends here as you all are fantastic individuals!

😘The Average Gurl

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29 thoughts on “Midnight Blogging 08/16

  1. thatweirdgirl2 says:

    Chocolate! I love your blog and this post really made me laugh, how you just jumped from one topic to another. I might start a little series doing that myself! Continue being awesome! xx

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