July favourites 2016

Hello everyone

Can you believe that this is already the last post of collab-o-week?! Olivia and I were talking about when we should post this yesterday because we both realised how this week has flown by. As mentioned, this is a collab with the amazing PinkPrincessOlivia. We are both doing July favourites so lets get started.

1)  DGJ Organics hair oilI honestly have fell in love with this product because it makes your hair so soft and nourished. Because of the summer weather my hair gets awfully dry  so I apply this oil to the ends of my hair. This doesn’t turn your hair greasy and a little goes a long way so this was my most used products this month!

2) Dolly’s Mixtures -Pina Colada I got this body spray at the start of July and I have used ALOT of this spray. It smells just like a pina colada drink and I just love how yummy I smell! Its the perfect size to put in your bag and to top up the spray later on the day.

3) Soap & Glory – The Righteous Butter

This body moisturiser is my holy grail! It sinks into my skin amazingly and I just adore the unique smell. I feel so refreshed and hydrated and can’t find a single fault in it!

4) Body Shop – Face Scrub

This is perfect to use before night time as it takes the dirt on the face that has been building up throughout the day. I’ve realised that the spots on my face have minimised drastically! Anyone who suffers with spots need to try this!!

5) Dorothy Perkins Key-ring

This pink, fluffy key ring gives such a great statement. and when I put my key in my bag, I just need to look for the key ring so I don’t need to rummage for my key. Its so pretty so how could I have not got this?!

6) Soap and Glory -Clean on me shower gel

The last product of this months favourites has to be the soap and glory shower gel! Just like the moisturiser it has a unique smell and clings onto you. Also, the creamy texture makes your skin feel beautifully soft and luxurious. I forgot to mention on how easy it foams up and I just loved using this, this month!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my July favourites. Don’t forget to check out Olivia’s blog for her favourites to:www.pinkprincessolivia.wordpress.com  Have a wonderful day everyone.

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