1 Year of The Average Gurl?!

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it? I can’t?! I didn’t even realise that it’s been a year today. I only realised yesterday😂  Never have I ever thought that I would’ve lasted 1 year of blogging!

My first ever post was just a hello post because I didn’t know how to introduce my blog. But my official post was the Summer hairstyles 2015. Warning! It’s cringe worthy. Why did I choose this as my first post? Purely because I was obsessed with hairstyles and trying new things. My writing was so different back than and I had no idea that it has changed so much!

(My pictures were the worst a year ago😂 They have definitely improved😂😂)

I have made a great achievement of 277 followers!!! I honestly don’t understand how I have so many followers😂 But I am so happy that people enjoy reading my posts and I love replying to your comments!

These achievements are….. I don’t know, never did I think I’ll post this much in a year😱

Tap to zoom in

Also, I was mind blown by the best views ever within a day!!!!!! 100 views in one day😱 That is just crazy! Wow!….

And nearly 7,000 views and over 2,000 visitors. 974 comments, wow! I can’t get my head round it😂

I just want to thank all the readers, likers and commenters! There have been numerous amount of comments that have put a smile on my face! Just a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!!!!💖

It’s my instagrams 1 year birthday to And can’t be live that I have 3.1k! It’s just so weird for me😂

Another THANK YOU!!!! Have an amazing day guys!!

😘The Average Gurl


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