Major update!!!!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated! A few things were changed on my blog. Others were added. Also at the end I would love it if you can answer some of the questions.

New theme


I don’t know if you guys realised but I changed my theme to Penscratch to Adelle. Do you guys like my theme?


My follow count has increased since the last time I mentioned this. I had a questionnaire a couple of months ago and readers wanted makeup related posts but I don’t wear makeup. So I asked my sister to write the post so once in a while a makeup post goes up! My sister has her own username called Makeup Junkie. You know the post is written by her as it always ends in Makeup junkie💋


Also, recently I posted about products I have been sent so I have a disclaimer page so you can click here
to view it.

And I’ve updated ALL my pages on the menu so if you want you can check it out by scrolling up⤴️⤴️

I feel like they were the three main things I needed to mention on this post!  Also, I don’t have a post schedule so I post whenever I want as I don’t want to be pressured into posting because this blog is a hobby.

Also, I’ve got


That’s crazy! I’m so close to 200 followers!❤️❤️ Its just soooo exciting!

Life update

I’ve never done these before but I think I want to add a bit more of me in my blog. I’m a student and I’ve started doing my GCSEs. School is literally is making me so tired because of homework and I hate it but I will try my best to balance school work and blogging. Also, an updated 20 facts you didn’t know about me will be coming soon in 2 months as something special is happening! So look forward to that! (Hint: 1 year birthday?!!!)


When you scroll to the top of my blog you see my menu. I will be adding an update section so you can see the most recent update. Also past updates will be there to.

I felt this post was over due as a lot of things have changed! So here is the question I would love if you can answer because I want to contribute you guys to my blog!

What blogposts would you like to see?

Have a great day everyone!

😘The Average Gurl


12 thoughts on “Major update!!!!

  1. Allison says:

    How fun! I recently just changed my theme as well! It took about 2 weeks to decide lol but I did it! I like how you explained all the changes though. 🙂 have fun!!

  2. Imagalaxygirl says:

    I love the changes and congrats on 180 followers!!
    Seeing as you are a student could you posts things to do with exam stress or about exams in general? And maybe if you ever get a spare 5 minutes (because exams are the worst) some DIY posts? Xxx

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