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Hello everyone,
A lot of people are doing exams at the moment or some are just in a stressful situation so I decided to do another How To post! And to make this post better, this is a collab with my sister A Blow Of Bubbles. Make sure to check her blog out!

Coconut Oil


So the first thing is a great massage for your head! I recommend using an oil so you can stimulate the blood flow on your head. This will make you feel calm and put your mind at ease because sometimes when you are stressed, you get a headache. I recommend coconut oil. Bonus: wash your hair and your hair is going to be silky soft!

Hot Bubble Bath

A hot bubble bath will make you relaxed and for a moment you will forget about anything that has stressed you out. I recommend a lavender scented bubble bath because that is usually what makes you relaxed. If you don’t have a bubble bath mixture, just add a couple of drops of an essential oil and it will be just as great! Bonus: you will have really nice soft skin. Also if you couldn’t sleep due to stress, you should go to sleep at ease.


A good hot chocolate or glass of milk/juice will just be really satisfying! Or even have a tea/coffee as something warm usually has a calming effect. (I don’t know the science behind it but it helps me). Also, don’t have any junk food but have fruits and veggies to give your brain energy. Usually, when you feel like you have no energy to finish work you get stressed so eat the right food!

Music and Colouring


Put your favourite calming music on as this soothes your mind. At the same time, you should colour on an adult colouring book as it is scientifically proven to help you unwind and be stress free. Spend as much or as little time. My adult colouring book gave pro tips and how to sit so I can de-stress and be comfortable. Tip: you need to sit up  and make sure your posture is straight 🙂

So that’s it for this post and I hope it helps everyone to de – stress or unwind. Make sure to check out A Blow of bubbles:


De-Stress post:

😘The Average Gurl

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12 thoughts on “How to: De-Stress | Collab

  1. The Average Gurl says:

    Sure! AEOS has sent me there products (a lot of people liked them but I personally don’t like it and I reviewed it on my Instagram.) They send a lot of samples. Another one would be SM beauty. I did a review of their eyebrow kit. There the only ones I know xx

  2. Floral Eden says:

    Thanks for the recent comment, I have taken it into consideration and decided that my blog needs to grow itself first. But I was wondering if you could tell me who to get in contact with a PR company? Thanks xx

  3. Phoebida says:

    Loved this post – very useful! I will definitely come back to this when my biology exams start in the summer!! Xxx

    Phoebe & Abida |

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