Q&A: Spring Edition 2016


Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to do a Spring Q&A. This is a collab with A Blow Of Bubbles and we both are going to answer the same questions (from My Instagram) which I asked on one of my posts. So let’s get started!

@viecvecharlottle asked:

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

I’m looking forward to the days becoming longer and the sun shining more.

@lilyblogsalot asked:

Favourite spring colours?

Pastel pink, mint green and yellow.

@phoebida asked:

What is your favourite thing about spring?

Seeing the trees and flowers bloom. I love how pretty it is.

@thegreentravelblog asked:

What’s the best lipstick shade for this spring?

My one is the Milani Naturally chic 25 shade because it is so natural on the lips.

Sorry this picture is the wrong way ; I can’t fix it.

@magiccaats asked:

Who is your fave youtuber ATM?

My favourite youtuber at the moment is Aspyn Ovard because I love the content she produces and her videos are enjoyable to watch.

@rorie_7 asked:

What is your favourite lush product?

My favourite lush product at the moment is Mask of MagnaMinty. I like this product because it gets rid of spots and you can use this as an exfoliater when I can’t use it as a mask and it works wonders.


@floral_qxeen asked:

What is your favourite piece of clothing this spring? 

My favourite piece of clothing has to be these lovely white patterned pumps. I think they’re from primark but I’m not to sure.  

So that’s it for the Q&A! I’m sor sorry if I didn’t answer your question but next time I do a spring Q&A, I will answer your question. Make sure to check out A blow of bubbles blog. She is a new blogger so check her out. Here is a link to her Q&A: https://ablowofbubblesblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/qa-spring-edition-2016/

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