Hair Hacks 2

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted a hair related post in a very long time! So I decided to look through my hair posts and I found my Hair Hacks post! Click here to read. Here is another hair hack post for you guys so let’s begin.

Hack 1: When your hair is damp after you have a shower, put your hair onto a top knot. You can leave it up until it dries for a lot of volume. Personally, if you sleep on it, you get more volume that lasts longer. I love this hack because my hair is thin and flat and it actually puts life into your hair.

Hack 2: Normally you use hair cream to tame down the frizz on the ends of your hair. (Never use hair cream on your roots or it gets greasy). If you run out of hair cream or it’s really expensive for a good quality product, use your hand cream. Hand cream and hair cream have nearly the exact same ingredients and it also tames down frizz and moisturises your hair. So you only need to buy hand cream for your hair and hands. No need to spend more. The bonus thing about this hack is if you love the scent of your hand cream, your hair will smell nice to.

Hack 3: If you are doing a French braid with damp hair so you can have waves, you end up having a dent at the ends of your hair because of your hair band. To prevent this, use small scrunchies as they are fabric and there will be no dent on your hair.

Hack 4: If it’s really hot or humid or even if it’s cold, the sun will always be out. The sun can dry out your hair, especially during summer and spring, and your hair would be prone to splitting. Just how you would put heat protectant on your hair before using a heat tool, you can spritz some heat protectant before going out. This is great for really hot days and your hair would be protected. Make sure to comb through your hair after using the protectant so it is well distrubuted.

So I hope you guys liked this post and make sure to comment below your favourite hack below👇🏽My favourite hack is Hack number 2😄

😘The Average Gurl

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23 thoughts on “Hair Hacks 2

  1. EDMonGOVN says:

    The last hack is the one that suits me because I have thick hair and I have split ends every tie my hair grows! Can you post more hair hacks for thick hair too? Just asking. Great post! Great HACKS! XD 😁

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