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Hello everyone,

This is a tag with Thoughtful Tash so make sure to check out her blog and her This and That post.


Perfume or body splash – Perfume

Lotion or body butter – Lotion

Body wash or soap – Both

Lush or other bath company – Lush

Jeans or sweat pants – Jeans

Long sleeve of short – Long sleeves

Dresses or skirts – Dresses

Stripes or plaid – Plaid

Flip flops or sandals – Sandles

Scarves or hats – Scarves

Studs or dangly earrings – Both

Necklaces or bracelets – Both

Heels or flats – Flats (I’m to tall for heels😂)

Jacket or hoodie – Both


Curly or straight – Both

Bun or ponytail – Ponytail

Bobby pins or butterfly clips – Bobby pins

Hair spray or gel – Hair spray

Long or short – Long

Light or dark – Dark

Side sweep bangs or full bangs – Side swept

up or down – Down


Rain or shine – Shine

Summer or winter – Both!

Fall or spring – Spring

Chocolate or vanilla – 100% Chocolate

East coast or west coast – Both

So I hope you guys liked the This and That tag! Make sure to check out Thoughtful Tash’s

😘The Average Gurl



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