Winter Q&A 2015

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be doing a winter Q&A. On my Instagram (@theaverage.gurl) I asked my followers to ask me some winter related question and I recieved 30 questions! Sadly, I’m only answering 10 so…

Let’s get started.

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@xlushie_lover asked:

What is your favourite thing to do in winter?

My favourite thing to do in winter is have hot baths and watch movies or YouTube.

@theartlessclub asked:

Do you like hot chocolate?

Yes, I love hot chocolate!

@unrelated.mess asked:

Would you prefer it to snow or have sunshine at Christmas?

I would love for it to snow! There hasn’t been thick snow in a while in England and it would be amazing for it to snow.

@tipsroom asked:

1) Are you on Christmas break yet?

2) What are your New Years resolution?

  1. Yes, my Christmas holiday started this Monday.
  2. I will have a seperately post near the end of the December so stay tuned!

@pastelbeautygirls asked:

Fluffy socks or fluffy blanket?

This ones hard……. Fluffy blanket.

@iceskates asked:

Fave scent candle?

I really like fruity scents or sweet candle scents.

@floral.qxeen asked:

Sweaters (jumpers) or ugg boots?

I would choose jumpers. During this time of the year, I only wear trainers unless it’s snowing I’ll wear boots.

@lush.sadie asked:

Favourite winter lipbalm?

My favourite winter lipbalm has to be the Nivea hydra care because it instantly makes my lips feel smooth. Recently, I have been loving the Nivea Rasberry lip balm because it smells like yoghurt!

@khadijakar asked:

What do you like most about winter?

I love having hot chocolate and wearing jumpers during the winter season.

So this wraps up my Q&A! I hope you guys liked this post. Make sure to check the featured
posts below for more winter posts.

๐Ÿ˜˜The Avergae Gurl

My Instagram: @theaverage.gurl


9 thoughts on “Winter Q&A 2015

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    Since I’m new to your blog, I really enjoyed this Q&A to get to know you a bit better! I love warm jumpers and hot chocolate in Winter…that’s the best part of the season! Oh and I just followed you on Instagram yay!xox

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