A Very Blogger Christmas!

Hello everyone,

I was nominated by A Teenage Diary Online to do A Very Blogger Christmas. She was inspired by Zoella’s tag video.



Answer all the questions.

Change a question you don’t like
Nominate 5 people
Let them know you nominated them


📷Who would take the best photos?

🙋🏻Who would look the most glam?

👗Who would have the tackiest Christmas jumper?

😂Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?

🎀Who would be in charge of he decorations?

🎧Who would be in charge of Christmas music?

⛄️Who would make the best snowman?

🎄Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?



📷100% KatiPhotography because her blog has flawless pictures.
🙋🏻Obviously Glitterful Thoughts. I don’t know why but when your on her blog it’s just so pretty and 😍

👗I personally know Plain Yet Simple so for sure I know she will wear the tackiest Christmas jumper.

😂I’ve seen Dauntless Dream’s About page and she has some jokes on there. I think she has more jokes to share.

🎀I think Zoekins would be in charge of the decor because I’ve been readin her blogmas and I feel like she has a great taste of decor.

🎧On Phoebida‘s blog I’ve seen some great playlists.

⛄️I’ve got a weird feeling Blogging Bella’s World will make the best snowman.

🎄I’m not gonna lie but I am so clumsy that I think it’s a problem😂 Certainly, I will be the one to knock the Christmas tree down.



So I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And I hope everyone nominated will do this tag.

😘The Average Gurl


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