Last Minute Gift Guide!!

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I can share with you a last gifts. If you haven’t bought a gift yet but still want it to be worthy as a present, keep on reading!

  • Chocolate  

Everyone loves a gift that you can eat! It doesn’t have to be chocolate but could be the persons favourite type of food. Or you can give a jar full of ingredients to make cookies, brownies or hot chocolate!

  • Bath sets

A cute bath set would be amazing as a gift because during the holidays you can pamper yourself with the gift. Also, they’re so pretty!

  • Branded Gift Set

Lastly, a branded gift set are really appreciated! They can range from £5+ you can give a:

  1. Body shop gift set
  2. Soap and glory gift set
  3. Nivea
  4. Dove
  5. Zoellas gift range
  6. Tanya Burrs gift range


I hope this SUPER last minute gift guide was helpful. Comment below if you still need to buy some last minute gifts for Christmas or anyone’s birthday this month!

😘The Average Gurl



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