Beat the winter blues

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to do a quick post on how to beat the winter blues. Winter can be such a wonderful time but it can make you feel down sometime.❄️❄️

Make your bed🛏

During winter, you tend to get a little lazy and maybe have a lay in sometimes. (Or everyday during the holidays). So to start the day and make yourself feel productive, make the bed.

Get Creative🎀

Do some winter DIYs or spice up your room. Change your bed covers so when you sleep, it’s nice and fresh. Add some winter decor or add some fairylights. Just get yourself happy about the weather instead of just slumped on your phone annoyed about the cold.

Pamper Evening💆🏽

Treat yourself with a hot bath and maybe add a lush product or bubbles! Wear your favourite jumper and put on your favourite movie inside your blanket with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. Yum! And don’t forget some fluffy socks! This will be great for forgetting the cold and enjoying yourself.

So I hope you guys liked this little post. Make sure to stay tuned for a Winter Q&A tomorrow! You can ask me a winter related question in my Instagram: @theaverage.gurl

😘The Average Gurl


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