#BGTB Blogging Platform

Hello everyone,

If you have read my #BGTB (Begginers Guide To Blogging) posts than you’ll know that A Teenage Diary Online is doing this series and I’m participating with a whole lot other bloggers.

Today’s topic is Blogging Platform. This is when you choose a certain website to create your blog on. There are so many different types of blogging platforms and I have found 2 of the best ones for me and I know a lot of other bloggers will agree with me.

And that is:

– WordPress

– Blogger

Honestly, I prefer WordPress from Blogger because of the professional looking themes, easy to use app and website and easy way to gain readers. I feel like it’s so easy to be proud of your blog and I had no….. “yes! I’m proud of it” when I had blogger. It’s probably just me.

On my previous blog, I used blogger and realised how much of a difference the style was once I started using WordPress. Depending on your taste you may like blogger. To me, there are very little themes and when you customise it, I never was satisfied with it.

I advice you to look at other people’s blogs who have blogger and WordPress so you can have a taste of what they look like. Maybe ask questions on them. I wish I did that but that’s why I’m making this post, to tell you which one I prefer.

I hope this was helpful! Don’t forget to comment below for any blog post suggestions or any questions about this post.

Make sure to check the previous #BGTB posts which will be featured below for more information about blogging.

😘Thr Average Gurl


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