Hello Autumn


Hello everyone,

I love Autumn and everything about it! Here is a post were in going to get you in the Autumn spirit!

Let’s go.

  1. I love wearing cozy jumpers as it is starting to get a bit colder but not to cold for coats.
  2. The new autumnal clothing are out.💃
  3. Candles out to make the house smell nice and warm♨️
  4. The leaves on the trees are turning orange, brown and yellow.🍁
  5. The fresh air that tells you it’s Autumn.🎋
  6. The falling of the leaves.🍂
  7. Having hot chocolate☕️
  8. Halloween!🎃
  9. Being near the fire or have the fire on in the chimney♨️

So, these are the things that get me excited for Autumn! Comment below⬇️ what you love about Autumn. Or if you don’t.

😘The Average Gurl

P.s: longer posts are coming soon! Stay tuned💕


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