Hello everyone,

New change:

The blogging routine of posting 3 times a week is coming to a stop. This is changing because I thought I would have a lot of free time to be just posting, but this summer holiday is being more productive and being out a lot! And that’s good but that’s unfortunate aswell because I don’t have time writing posts.

So…… I will be posting once a week and so will Makeup Junkie so that’s 2 posts a week. However, makeup Junkie may not be posting EVERY single week as she may be busy/busier in the near future. Don’t worry, I will be posting consistently once every week.

Here is the new blogging routine:

  • Me: Thursday
  • Makeup Junkie: Sunday

If I have any extra time than I will do an extra post any other day so keep checking! This is the new schedule of posting so now you know when either of us is posting.

😘The Average Gurl


Leave your thoughts :)

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