June Favourites 2015 (Collab)

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be showing you my top 4 products that I have been loving this month! This is a collab with Lilly from Just Lilly’s Life’s blog. All her links will be given at the end of this post ?

Let’s get started…… 

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1) Johnsons Exfoliating Wash: I love this product because when you use it, it cleans you face and you can feel it and how soft it is. It reduces any spots and makes any visible spots disappear more quickly. You can use it daily but I use it twice a week as I think that is more better for me.  I bought this when it was on sale for £1.99. Price: £2.99 from Superdrugs

2) Nivea Suncream: I love this Suncream because once you rub it in, it dries instantly but leaves your skin soft. It is SPF 20 so it’s medium coverage. I have realised that I haven’t become tanned quickly because of this products and that’s what made me love it the most. (When I get tanned, I look inbetween orange and grey). Price: £5.20 from Wilkinson

3) Hershey’s Lipbalm: I love this because not only does it moisturise my lips but, it also makes it really soft to the touch. To add to this, the lipbalm gives a pinky/purple tint which makes my lips look less boring but great for everyday. Price: £0.80p from Primark

4) Body Shop Grapfruit Spray: The smell of this is AMAZINGLY! The grapefruit smell is perfect for summer and makes you smell fresh. Great for carrying it in your bag to freshen up and this product is just gorgeous. Price: £7.50 from Body Shop

Hope you guys liked these products and comment below if you tried these products and tell me if you liked these or not.

Lily’s links:

Blog: justlilyslife.blogspot.com     Instagram: @Pastellilly

😘The Average Gurl


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