Summer Hairstyles (2015)

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to show 3 go to hairstyles that work for me during the summer!

Lets get started:

Hairstyle #1: The Side Dutch braid

I love this hairstyle so much because all of your hair is out of the way and it looks really nice at the same time!

Method: Firstly, do a side parting. Grab a section of hair from the part that has the most hair. Than  create a normal braid once. After that, incoperate hair from each time you braid. While braiding, braid under so than you create a Dutch braid. Once you have added all the hair, just braid the rest of your hair normally. Than your done!

Hairstyle #2: The ponytail

I love this hairstyle because it is simple but sleek.

Method: If you want waves on your ponytail for more of a beachy look just do a braid the night before and it will give you beachy waves! Firstly, gather all of you hair up as high as you want it. Than tie it off with a hair band. Than add a scrunchie or bow to add a statement. Than your done!

Hairstyle #3: Fench Braid with a Bun

I love this hairstyle because it looks like you took so much time when you didn’t.

Method: Firstly, do a French braid until you have reached under your ear. (To French braid, incorporate hair to a 3 strand braid but braid over). Once you have reached under your ear, gather all of your hair and create a messy bun. Than your done!

Hope you guys like these hairstyles and hope you try them out! Comment below which one was your favourite⬇️⬇️

😘The Average Gurl


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